The Papermaking Program is the ultimate showcase for presentations about improved efficiency with immediate benefits in machine productivity and product quality.

Papermaking Program held on Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7
Link to the Tuesday detailed program
/ Link to the Wednesday detailed program
Tissue Masters Conference
PaperWeek’s dedicated segment on the Tissue Sector

The tissue sector is now an integral part of PaperWeek. Looking to highlight key innovations, process improvements and market information on the tissue business, Tissue Masters is positioning itself as a key platform for the tissue industry in North America.

Tissue Masters Program held on Wednesday 7 / 13:30-15:00
Link to the Wednesday detailed program
TechPack Conference
PaperWeek’s dedicated segment of the Paperboard Packaging Industry

With experts covering the latest technology advancements and market updates in the sector, TechPack will provide cover some of the most recent projects and developments that have been implemented in the packaging world.

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